Northern Dutchess Bible Church

Covid-19 Worship Service Practices



The following are State, County and Red Hook Community Center requirements to which we must adhere to minimize the spread of C-19.


In our NDBC family, opinions vary widely about what health requirements should be observed when we meet.

The Elder Board asks all of us that, in order to show Christian love and deference to one another, all who choose to attend corporate worship follow these requirements so that those who believe these measures are necessary can worship without distraction or worry that another attendee may not do so.


Contents of worship services may be modified under these regulations, but will always include music, Scripture reading, prayer and a message.

We will have no programs for children available until further notice.


So far, we are not aware of any NDBC’s regular attendees who have contracted the virus – though many of us know friends and acquaintances who have – including some who have been seriously ill or died.

While we all hope that this is the “beginning of the end” of the inconveniences we have experienced over the last months, we need to work together diligently to do all we can to keep any of us or our loved ones from coming into contact with C-19.  We trust that all of us at NDBC will work together to make these efforts successful.


Regardless what the future holds, remember to keep your focus upward on the One Who has carried us through and promises never to leave or forsake His Children.





Northern Dutchess Bible Church

Regulations for Corporate Worship Services


Do not take any risks with your personal health!

•   If you are in a ‘high-risk’ category because of age or chronic health issues, please, PLEASE stay home and listen to the recorded message later.


•   Stay at home if you have any symptoms of illness (cough, sneezing, temperature, etc.)


•   If your transportation to/from worship services includes more than one family/household in a vehicle, we highly encourage all in the vehicle to wear protective masks while in transit.


•   When you arrive, protective masks (covering both nose and mouth) will be required at all times except when seated for the service itself.  Hand-sanitizer and masks (if needed) will be available at each entrance to the building.


•   Accept any health screening available when you arrive.


•   Observe social-distancing markers on floors.


•   Be patient - allow only one household unit to pass through a corridor or doorway at a time.


•   Only one person in any bathroom at any time - even in those with multiple stalls and sinks.


•   Seating will place families/households at a safe, social-distancing gap from others.


•   Those leading the service and not wearing a mask will perform their ministry on the platform, remaining a minimum of twelve feet from the closest person on the sanctuary floor.


•   Masks (covering both nose and mouth) must be in place as soon as the service ends.


•   Wait until you exit the building to fellowship with others – and maintain proper social-distancing guidelines when you engage each other in greeting/conversation.