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Thinking about the Church

I've been thinking about how important it is for a Christian to be involved in a good Bible-preaching church.  It has been through the churches that I have attended that I have grown in the Lord.  "God works through His church."   Where would we be if it were not for God's church here in this world?  We drift, we sin, we get self-centered when we leave the church and its people behind. 

If you do not have the protection and nurture of a good local church, please start the process of finding one NOW.   How?  First pray about it--strongly.   Get God's perspective from the outset.   Then, search out the churches in your area until you find the one you know God wants for you.   Don't think you will find the "perfect" church.  There is no such thing.

If you are currently involved in a church, do everything you can to strengthen it.  Never do or say anything that will weaken the church.  Get involved with the ministry of the church.  Obviously, serve only where you know you can use your God-given gifts and only in the capacity to which God has called you.  But, do serve!  The road will not be easy when you do.  There will be sacrifices you will have to make and lots of times you will get discouraged.  But push through if you know it is where God wants you.

"God works through His church," so get involved and let the Lord bless you.


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