Who We Are

Our Stated goal is "To know Christ and Make Him Known."

Northern Dutchess Bible Church is made up of:

  • people who are seeking a relationship with God

  • people who have begun their own relationship with God

  • people who know God and have invested time growing in their relationship with God

Do not come here looking for perfect people.  Like everyone in the world, each of us is a sinner - but many of us are "sinners saved by grace" - people whose desire and regular practice is to learn to conform more and more "to the likeness of Christ" (Romans 8:29).

Author Max Lucado titled one of his books "God Loves You Just the Way You Are (But He Doesn't Want You to Stay That Way)"

That's who we are - people who want to know God and to get to know Him better.

It is our purpose and desire to warmly receive all who come . . . AND . . . to encourage everyone to pursue a deeper life in Christ.

We welcome you to join us!

Ralph Essery - Pastor